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Mercedes-Benz Fashion week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Selecting the look!

So another busy date of sorting and a limit dating the outfits for the video shoot. As a fashion stylist when you are given a budget it can either make your job easier or a little bit harder depending on exactly what the client wants and expects. The look that we have decided to do for Artko ( is a basic modern rock look, being that the guys want to be themselves and want the people to focus on there music they wanted to stay far away from flashy clothes. Narrowing the look down was not to hard looking at Artko inspirations including Bon Jovi, Nickelback, and Aerosmith basically meant leather jackets, leather pants cool vintage tee’s, ripped jeans.

        Yesterday the drum player Rob hip me to one of his favorite spots to shop in Los Angeles called “ IT’S A WRAP!” ( so I went and checked it out, they had some awesome clothes they also had props that you can get for sets, so if your in need of props and some vintage wardrobe you should defiantly check it out!

        There are 5 more days till the actual shoot date begins and I have 25-30 for outfits to gather and that does not include accessories, Geshhhhhs…..

                                                        …….It’s the Life of a fashion Stylist

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